At East End Woodstrippers, we pride ourself on providing on-site architectural woodwork restoration and refinishing services to New York City and the greater tri-state area.

Learn more about the services we offer, the process we use for paint stripping and wood restoration, or see some examples of our work.

If you have additional question or are interested in our services, and would like a project estimate or consultation, please contact us.

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Wood Stripping, Restoration, and Refinishing in Holbrook, NY

East End Woodstrippers is the on-site architectural woodwork restoration/refinishing contractor in Holbrook, NY that you can confidently bring into your home or business. While paint stripping and wood preparation are messy processes, we pride ourselves on managing all procedures so you can continue to enjoy your home or conduct your business safely with minimal disruption. From an entire courthouse to a couple of selected rooms in your home, we make wood stripping and wood refinishing both safe and easy.

Quality Wood Restoration from a Recognized Authority

Our participation is your best assurance of a wood stripping or restoration project that is properly specified, professionally executed, and delivered on time. Our principal, Dean Camenares, is a published and nationally recognized authority on wood refinishing and restoration. All work is completed under his direct supervision, using our own staff. We employ only reliable, full time artisans who share our commitment to elite craftsmanship and professionalism. Although we are not general contractors, we are fully qualified to restore, repair, or decorate with respect to woodwork restoration.

Uncovering the Beauty of your Woodwork

It is almost always cost-effective to rediscover the beauty of original, historic, refinished woodwork. The quality of period moldings, paneling, and millwork is so far superior to any replacement available today that restoration of existing work offers the most beauty and value. We can faithfully reproduce or restore any existing historic finishes or produce any new finish imaginable for new woodwork. And yes, we do furniture or portable architectural elements (such as doors) in our state-of-the-art wood stripping and finishing shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Restoring Woodwork in the Tri-State Area

If you have a historic wood interior that you would like to restore to its original splendor, please give us a call. We would be glad to visit your site to review the work and discuss your restoration plans. Founded in 1959, Eastend Woodstrippers is a family business based in the New York City metro area, serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. We welcome all types of interior wood restoration projects, from living rooms to courtrooms, from private libraries to public restaurants to historic churches and theaters. We have long worked with and performed wood stripping and restoration for clients in the historic New York City neighborhoods of Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, Soho, Central Park West, the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. We look forward to serving your neighborhood too, and rest assured, East End Woodstrippers is completely insured, with both liability and worker's compensation coverage. References are available to qualified clients upon request.

You may contact East End Woodstrippers by email, by phone or by mail, as follows:

East End Woodstrippers, 27 Glenmere Way, Holbrook, NY 11741

Telephone number: 631-472-5206

We Can Strip In-Shop for less!

Your removable architectural woodwork can be stripped in shop. Our state of the art stripping stations at our shop can make your restoration project much more affordable. Call our affiliate company, Park Slope Paint Strippers, for FREE curbside pickup & delivery in New York City at 718-783-4112 (minimums apply).

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