We are happy to provide free price estimates by phone or email for your project, based on your description of your woodwork and any photos you can supply us. This will you give you a good sense of "ballpark" costs associated with getting your woodwork restored.

We also can come to your location and perform a site inspection and evaluation. We will also detail all the elements in your project, and provide you with a written restoration project proposal which will be our actual pricing for your project.

This site visit allows us to determine what it will actually take to perform your project, so we can price it accurately. You are, of course, under no obligation. If you'd like to make an appointment for a site evaluation, please call us at 631-472-5206, or send us a message using our contact form


When architects, designers, contractors, specifiers and homeowners need to determine reliable information about a potential wood restoration project, they often rely on us. Our principal, Dean Camenares, is a nationally recognized leader in the practice of on-site woodwork restoration. Over many decades, he has developed an established step by step procedure to evaluate a project from both the informational and performance perspectives.

When we perform a field consultation, we will assess the conditions of your woodwork to determine how likely a candidate for restoration your woodwork really is. By careful testing of painted surfaces, we can reveal what wood or woods lay hidden and we can evaluate existing stained surfaces for their eligibility for refurbishment, re-amalgamation, or complete refinishing.

Further testing can provide you with actual finished samples of what to expect after your restoration is completed, so there are no surprises.

We also assess what level of containment, and protection will be necessary to insure a safe workplace, and to insure a low impact on the environment. We will recommend the proper procedures to comply with the EPA RRP rule, if applicable.

And as part of our consultation, we can tell you what your project should cost, specifying individual details if necessary. We can also suggest experienced artisans in your area.

Field testing and a written report can be a valuable tool to help you with determining the viability of your proposed woodwork restoration. Our fee for this service is $250, in the greater NY area, and is negotiable for other parts of the country. Please call 631-472-5206 to inquire.

About our principal, Dean Camenares:

  • Lead Abatement Supervisor - - University of Massachusetts, Feb 1997
  • Writer and conference speaker - - Professional Refinishing Magazine, Sept 1998
  • Managing Hazardous Waste - - Lion Technologies, Feb 2003
  • Wood Touch-up and repair - - Mohawk, Feb 2006
  • Certified Renovator RRP - - EPA, Mar 2010
  • Moldings and Classical Interiors - - Traditional Building Conference, Sept 2012
  • Professional Circle Member - - NYC Landmarks Conservancy
  • Legacy Member - - Professional Refinishers Group
  • Author of a number of articles regarding paint stripping and refinshing.

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