For many years, the artisans of East End Woodstrippers have been consulting with clients to achieve new finishes which fit the client's vision and complement the beauty of the original historic woodwork. Wood species, color, grain exposure and light levels in the room are just a few of the myriad elements that must be taken into account. Once we've decided on a direction, we will produce a sample on the existing wood for approval. Only when we get the okay on the sample will we go ahead and complete the work.

Thorough surface preparation. Once the paint stripping is complete, refinishing consists of two distinct operations: wood surface preparation and wood refinishing. The quality of the finish as only as fine as the preparation that preceded it. Preparation for finish includes patching and filling, maybe bleaching and then hand sanding all the wood completely. A progressive series of sanding coats is applied using 80 grit to 120 grit sandpaper. This preparation stage is an opportunity to build beauty and quality into the work through meticulous attention to detail. Visit this link to find our more about our procedures for wood preparation.

Custom finishing. Reliable refinishing of period woodwork requires experience of a vast range of techniques and materials, some traditional and some high tech. Finishing the woodwork involves sealing, recoloring and then topcoating the wood surface. After the proper colors are laid down we begin sealing and topcoating the wood via hand or spray application. We use a Lexaire HVLP spray system. We hand sand between coats with a 220 grit sandpaper to provide a smooth "furniture finish" to your woodwork.

We then glaze or tint the wood, as necessary, to insure an even color and blend in discolorations or light spots. This coloring step is done by dry brushing color, spray tinting, wipe glazing or "air brushing". We also use Japan pigments, dry dye powder and artists brushes to effect specific spot touch-ups and help blend colors.

Final finishing phase is to topcoat all surfaces using clear finishes of various types. We sand between coats of finish (by hand 320-400 grit), and apply 4-6 coats for a full even sheen finish.

We then remove all masking materials and perform a final detailing which includes minor touch-ups, polishing and a thorough clean-up. We rub, wax and buff the finish and can produce a low luster, satin, semi-gloss, or full hi-gloss finish. Our goal is for our finish to display the full beauty of your original historic woodwork.

Matching new work to old. East End Woodstrippers applies this same expertise to the finishing of new work for clients who have a very specific finish in mind or who need to exactly match a finish for new work adjacent to existing old work. We can provide new finishes with the same deep patina and "inner glow" of historic woodwork. Our services can be performed on site or in our shop, for large or small projects.

Cleaning and touchups. It may be the case that your old woodwork is in better shape than you think. We often discover that existing work does not require stripping and refinishing, but only requires cleaning, recoating or refurbishing. An analysis may reveal it to be a candidate for minimal refurbishing work to restore its beauty and add years to its life. Our touch up services can erase the nicks and scratches that have accumulated over the years. This approach saves clients money, to say nothing of the disruption of a total stripping and refinishing project.

Protection of client space and property. We are masters at isolating our work environent and venting dust and vapors, even in large rooms. We establish a protected central location for all our materials. All furniture and other items are moved away from the work area. Doorways to the work area are sealed with plastic sheets and S-flap entryways are made. All operations are planned to minimize impact on our clients' business operations or living space. To find out more about our procedures for preparing the site for paint removal and wood preparation, link to our paint stripping page. For a more technical treatment of the information on both of these pages, visit our terms and conditions page.

Customer service. East End Woodstrippers is a customer service company, and we can schedule our work off times to accomodate your schedule. We have scheduled night and weekend schedules to meet the requirements of our busy commercial, government and private clients.

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